DCF: Riverview Hospital Description

Albert J. Solnit Children's Center - South Campus
Description and Requirements
General Description of Facility

The Solnit South Campus for Children and Youth is the only state-administered psychiatric hospital for Connecticutís children who are under the age of eighteen.  The hospital provides comprehensive care to children and adolescents with severe mental illness and related behavioral and emotional problems who cannot be safely assessed or treated in a less restrictive setting  Our mission is to help children with challenging mental health needs live successfully in the community.

Degrees Preferred

The most successful candidates for internships should be pursuing graduate degrees in the following fields:  psychology, psychiatry, social work, education, or related clinical fields. For Clinical internships in Social Work, and Psychology and Rehabilitation Services Riverview Hospital prefers second year students to ensure that they have had initial training/internship experience and can function somewhat independently.

Clinical Requirements

Attend New Employee Orientation, provide direct service to one or more patients, work on case management activities, and devote a minimum of 5 contact hours per week to direct practice with groups. Uphold ethical and legal principles of patient rights and confidentiality. Be able to make a commitment to the required schedule and length of internship.
General Activities for Clinical Placements

Specific duties/opportunities depend upon the qualifications and experience of the candidate, and the availability of supervision General activities include but are not limited to: Evaluation and treatment of patientís psychological and emotional functioning, as well as gaining an understanding of their medical health, medication reconciliation, family functioning, and age specific competencies. Conduct individual and group therapy. Meet with facility intern supervisor for protected supervision time on a regular basis (minimum of 2-hours per week early in the placement and a minimum of 1-hour per week towards the end).
General Requirements
  • Background Checks (LINK, Fingerprinting (state and local), and Driver History)
    Medical Tests/Substance abuse screening
  • Candidate must show evidence that full childhood immunizations are up to date and a TB screen has been done within the past 12 months.
Time Restrictions

July and September offer the best opportunity to begin an internship at the Solnit South Campus.

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