DPH: Environmental Practitioner Licensure

Environmental Practitioner Licensure

The Environmental Practitioner Licensure Unit certifies, licenses and regulates environmental health professionals in the Asbestos, Lead, Septic, and Sanitarian disciplines.  These licensed professionals protect human health and the environment by operating within the constraints of the regulations and using “state-of-the-art” practices.  The Unit’s main charge is the management and enforcement of the assorted licensing regulations for environmental health practitioners and training providers.  The Unit also provides assistance to local health officials and updates training providers with periodic newsletters.                                          


 Asbestos Abatement Worker and Supervisor   

  Asbestos Contractor
 Asbestos Consultants
Lead Abatement Contractor License or Lead Consultant Contractor License
The Lead Abatement Contractor License is for companies that perform lead hazard reduction by means of abatement. You must utilize Connecticut Department of Public Health certified lead abatement supervisors to oversee such lead abatement activities and certified lead abatement workers to perform such abatement activities.
The Lead Consultant Contractor License is for companies that perform lead hazard reduction consultation work. You must utilize Connecticut Department of Public Health certified lead inspectors, lead inspector risk assessors and/or lead planner-project designers.

Lead Consultant Certifications

These certifications are for individuals who conduct lead inspections, lead risk assessments, or prepare lead abatement plans (planner project designer). You must be employed by a Lead Consultant Contractor who holds a valid license from the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Lead Abatement Supervisor Certification 

This certification is for individuals who oversees lead abatement activities. You must complete an appropriate approved training course, a third party exam, and obtain a certificate as a lead abatement supervisor from the Connecticut Department of Public Health.  

Lead Abatement Worker Certification
This certification is for individuals who perform lead abatement activities. You must complete an appropriate approved training course and obtain a certificate as a lead abatement worker from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. You must be employed by a licensed Lead Abatement Contractor.
   Registered Sanitarian
      Subsurface Sewage Installer
       Subsurface Sewage Cleaner           

   Asbestos Training Provider Course
   Lead Training Provider Course
    Provider Forms


Statutes and Regulations


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