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HEARTSafe Program

The Connecticut Department of Public Health, through its Heart Disease &Stroke Prevention Program, and Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), in collaboration with the American Heart Association, aim to help Connecticut's cities and towns improve the chances that anyone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest will have the best possible chance for survival.

Hexacomb Corporation of North Haven achieves HEARTSafe Workplace Designation!


Taking part in the HEARTSafe Workplace designation ceremony is (left to right) Chris Dykes, Admin/Safety; Nathan Richards, Planner/Safety; Rikkita Bass, Shipper/Safety; Steven Hotchkiss, OEMS.

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For information pertaining to the prevention of heart disease and stroke, please visit our Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program Home Page

For more information contact:
Name: OEMS HEARTSafe Program
Email: dph.heartsafe@ct.gov
Voice: 860.509.7832
Fax: 860.730.8286

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