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Quality Assurance

DEEP's quality assurance policy maintains that all environmental data collected, generated and processed is scientifically valid; of known precision and accuracy; sufficiently complete and representative for the intended purpose; comparable to data collections and analyses similar in scope and purpose; and legally defensible, as may be necessary for the intended purpose. The data and information used as a basis for environmental program decisions, i.e., establishing environmental quality standards, emissions limitations, permit limits and resource management plans, shall be in a form that may be clearly and understandably presented to the public. (From DEEPís Quality Assurance Policy)

Quality Management Plan (QMP)

EPA requires that all organizations receiving grant funding "establish and implement" a "Quality System" that applies to all relevant environmental programs. EPA requires any organization subject to its Quality System requirements to prepare and submit for approval a Quality Management Plan, or QMP. A QMP "identifies the organizational structure, policy and procedures, functional responsibilities of management and staff, lines of authority, and its processes for planning, implementing, documenting, and assessing all activities conducted under the organization's quality system." (From the "Frequent Questions" section of the EPA Quality System website). Approved QMPs may remain in effect for up to five years.

DEEP 2014-2018 Quality Management Plan

DEEP 2008 Quality Management Plan

Annual Reporting of Quality System Progress, July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009

Annual Reporting of Quality System Progress, July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

Quality Assurance Project Plans

A Quality Assurance Project Plan, or QAPP, is "a document that describes the intended technical activities and project procedures that will be implemented to ensure that the results of the work to be performed will satisfy the stated performance or acceptance criteria. The amount of information presented and the planned activities to ensure the value of the work will vary according the type of study and the intended use of the data." (From the "Glossary of Quality-Related Terms" section of EPA's Quality System website.).

Table of Active DEEP Quality Assurance Project Plans 

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