DEEP: Marine Event Permits

Marine Event Permits

The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies Sec. 15-121-A6 requires that a Marine Event Permit be obtained for a marine parade, regatta, race, tournament, exhibition, or other activity (see definitions below) held on Connecticut state waters for the following purposes:

  • Participant or spectator vessels may cause interference with navigation on the body of water, or
  • the event requests exclusion areas for non-participating vessels, or
  • the fallout zone of any fireworks display includes a portion of state waters, or
  • the event requests the use of a state boat launch, or
  • the event requests the modification or suspension of a boating law or regulation.

Please note:

  • Fishing tournaments do not require a DEEP Marine Event Permit, but organizers must get a permit from the DEEP Fisheries Division.
  • "State waters" are all inland water bodies within the state; meaning lakes, ponds and non-tidal water bodies.
  • If your event is on "federal waters" (tidal waters), you must contact the U.S. Coast Guard  for authorization.

A permit application must be clear and complete. The completed application must be received by the DEEP Boating Division at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the event. In addition, please note that no commercial activity is allowed at any state owned boat launch; this includes but is not limited to advertising, selling, or promoting services or products.


  • Marine parade - a public procession on the water for a festival or a ceremonial occasion.
  • Regatta - a boat race or an organized series of boat races.
  • Race - competition on the water involving speed, turning or riding.
  • Tournament - contest involving a number of contestants who compete in a series of trials.
  • Exhibition - a display on the water for the public.
  • Other activity - any organized, boating related activities.
  • The Marine Event Permit application must now be submitted through DEEP's on-line ezFile system.  Paper applications will no longer be accepted.
    Note:  You must first create an account, then an application can be completed and submitted electronically.
    Content Last Updated March  2018