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Municipalities are a critical piece of the Lead by Example program and meeting Connecticut's energy efficiency goals. There are a variety of different programs available to municipalities interested in achieving energy efficiency. Bellow is a listing of some of the more popular programs.

Municipal Energy Savings Performance Contracting  
Energy Benchmarking
In order to track energy reductions statewide, DEEP in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Energy has established State of Connecticut master accounts in EPA Portfolio Manager. We request that you share your existing and newly created building accounts in Portfolio Manager with the appropriate CT master account, to enable DEEP to generate aggregate reports on energy use and reductions in state and local government facilities. The CT master accounts are for state and local government buildings and include: K-12 schools, local government buildings (other than K-12 schools), state agency buildings (non-higher ed), Board of Regents higher ed buildings, and UConn higher ed buildings. By sharing your account, DEEP will have read-only access and will not be able to change any data in your account. The only information DEEP will look at is the energy usage, size and building information. All information provided to DEEP is kept private unless permission to share it is given. Complete instructions on sharing municipal and state government portfolio manager accounts with the state master account.
Connecticut Green Bank Clean Energy Communities
The Connecticut Green Bank's Clean Energy Community program allows cities and towns around Connecticut to earn free clean energy systems after making pledges and commitments to certain energy goals.
Connecticut Green Bank Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE)
The Connecticut Green Bank C-PACE program allows property owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements on their properties through an additional charge(“assessment”) on their property tax.
Connecticut Green Leaf Schools

The Institute for Sustainable Energy Connecticut Green Leaf School Program is designed to encourage sustainable and Green Practices in grades K-12. the three main goals of the program are:
To provide effective environmental and sustainability education; Improve the health and wellness of students and staff; and provide effective environmental and reduce the environmental impact and cost of the resources used in school.

EE Smarts

The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board EE Smarts Program is a source of education materials that allow energy efficiency and renewable technology to be taught to school children from K-12. The materials are age appropriate and utilize elements that are compatible with the state mandated educational standards.

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Content last updated March 27, 2017