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This is a snapshot of the data currently available which estimates annual energy costs (about $90-$100 million annually) and total consumption (about 4.55 million MMBtu) for all branches of state government. This data is under data quality review. Send questions to
The Lead by Example offers the following programs to implement energy efficiency program at state agencies.
  1. Energy Savings Performance Contracting
  2. Energy Benchmarking
  3. Bond Funding
  4. Small Business Energy Advantage
  5. Electricity Supply for State Agencies
  6. Renewable Generation at State Facilities 
State Agency Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Energy Management and Benchmarking
DEEP has instituted a system for managing energy invoice data on a web-based platform called EnergyCAP, to collect energy consumption data in a consolidated format, and to track our energy use and cost. This will allow energy information to be understood for individual buildings, each agency, and for the state as a whole. EnergyCAP is accessible to all state agencies and allows trained staff to see, compare, and identify potential energy efficiency measures to undertake.  EnergyCAP has the capability to feed to directly into EPA Portfolio Manager once the data compilation is fully complete.
DEEP has established State of Connecticut master accounts in EPA Portfolio Manager.  We request that you share your existing and newly created building accounts in Portfolio Manager with the appropriate CT master account, enabling DEEP to generate aggregate reports on energy use and reductions in state and local government facilities.  The CT master accounts are for state and local government buildings and include:  K-12 schools, local government buildings (other than K-12 schools), state agency buildings (non-higher ed), Board of Regents higher ed buildings, and UConn higher ed buildings.  By sharing your account, DEEP will have read-only access and will not be able to change any data in your account.  Complete instructions on sharing state and local government Portfolio Manager building accounts with the CT Master Accounts. For assistance with energy benchmarking contact Ryan Ensling at
Bond Funding (LBE Bonds)
The Bond Commission has approved a lump sum of $15 million to implement energy-saving retrofits at State buildings.  Energy and facilities managers from around the state are invited to apply for funding of efficiency upgrades. This program is administered by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, in partnership with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the Department of Construction Services. 
  • Download project request form.  Funding is for State agencies. Funding priority is for agencies that do not have alternate funding  sources available for these types of capital improvement projects.
  • The project request form is formatted in Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Excel® you can download the Excel® viewer.
  • For instructions on completing the project request form, select the “How to Use this Form” tab at the bottom of the Excel document. 
  • Please submit completed project request forms as email attachments to 
  • Applications continue to be reviewed bi-weekly, as applications are received.
  • If you should need additional assistance with the application, please email Ryan Ensling at
  • Complete list of state buildings officially approved for efficiency upgrades (PDF)
Small Business Energy Advantage for State Agencies (SBEA)

State agencies are encouraged to apply for partial funding of energy efficient upgrades through the SBEA program, one of many incentive programs administered by Eversource and United Illuminating (UI) under the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF).  This program is designed to provide cost-effective, turnkey energy-saving services to utility customer accounts with an average monthly billing demand of 200 kilowatts or less.  The reduction in energy usage and costs, in conjunction with the ability to utilize on bill financing ideally results in net-positive cash flow from day-one. 
The program provides funding incentives and on bill financing, eliminating the need for up front capital investment.  Funding incentives range from 35 to 50% of project cost, depending on the project, with the balance financed by the utility with no interest. Up to $100,000 in on-bill financing is possible, and once the financing period has ended (2 to 4 years), the reduction in energy use will result in decreased operational energy costs over the remaining life of the installed measures.  Under the SBEA program, proposed measures are focused on high payback energy efficient lighting, but can also include energy efficient gas heating (including oil-to-gas conversions), ventilation, EMS controls, air conditioning, and other mechanical measures.
Under the program process, SBEA utility-authorized contractors conduct an energy assessment of your facility at no cost to the state agency.  The assessment will include possible efficiency measures, cost, estimated energy savings, along with available SBEA program incentives and on-bill financing options.   Eversource and UI review all assessments, and as long it is accepted by Eversource or UI, the project can commence after the agency signs a Customer Application Agreement.  All Agreements under this program have been pre-approved by the Office of the Attorney General (AG) and Department of Administrative Services (DAS).  State agencies have authority to participate in the SBEA with no additional AG review.
State Agencies that wish to enroll should download the project enrollment form and follow the instructions below. Small businesses that are interested in the program should visit Energize Connecticut for more information.
Electricity Supply for State Agencies

DEEP conducted a procurement for electricity supply for state agencies in Spring 2017 which resulted in a contract from July 2017 through June 30, 2018. That contract was extended for State Fiscal Year 19, through June 30, 2019.

The rate for state agencies for state fiscal year 19 is  8.423 cents per kWh.

Effective dates for that price:
July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.

The percent of Class 1 Renewable is 17% in 2018 and 19.5% in 2019. The supplier is Direct Energy Business, LLC.

That pricing is far better than the Standard Service pricing January through June 2019, which for Eversource is 10.14 or 10.85 cents, and for UI is 11.23 or 10.78 (depending on whether it’s a residential or business standard rate).

Content last updated March 18, 2019