DEEP: Jefferson Salamander Complex

Jefferson Salamander Complex

(Ambystoma jeffersonianum complex)

{Jefferson Salamander Complex}

IDENTIFICATION: Slender, wide head, long toes, brown coloration with silvery foxing on the sides of the body and legs. Tail flattened laterally. Medium to large size, adults 130-170 mm total length.

This salamander occurs west of the Connecticut River where it is localized in the upland areas of Litchfield County and northern Fairfield County. A second center of distribution is along the trap rock ridge system of the Central Connecticut Lowland. This salamander is very sensitive to habitat disturbance and fragmentation, and is undergoing a range-wide decline (Bogart and Klemens, 1997). It breeds in vernal pools and requires extensive tracts of forest surrounding these pools to survive. In Connecticut, the most vulnerable populations are those associated with the trap rock ridge system, with at least one well known population at Foxon, near New Haven, now extinct. Populations in Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford Counties have also been severely reduced and stressed by habitat fragmentation.

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