DEEP: Eastern Worm Snake

Eastern Worm Snake

(Carphophis a. amoenus)

{Eastern Worm Snake}

IDENTIFICATION: A small snake with smooth, polished scales, a chocolate brown dorsum, pink translucent venter, small flattened head with tiny eyes, and a stubby pointed tail. Adult total body length 190-340 mm.

This small, burrowing snake is a southern species, just entering southern New England and adjacent sections of New York. It is most widely distributed in the low-lying areas of Connecticut but specimens have been recorded from elevations up to 900 feet (Klemens, 1993). The principle threat to this species is suburban development that has been spreading across the low-lying portions of the state. This has resulted in the loss of large areas of habitat suitable for this species. Connecticut has a large number of documented locality records for this species when compared to the other states that share the worm snake's northeastern range limit. Worm snakes are rare in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southeastern New York, and are considered a species of conservation concern.

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