DEEP: Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frog

(Rana palustris)

{Pickerel Frog}

IDENTIFICATION: A medium-size frog often confused with the leopard frog from which it is distinguished by a dorsal pattern of brown squares arranged symmetrically between a pair of cream-colored, longitudinal lines. The underside of the thighs and groin have a yellow or orange wash. The belly is white. When disturbed it tends to flee in a series of linear jumps into water. Females larger than males, adults 40-80 mm body length.

Pickerel frogs are widely distributed in Connecticut, favoring stream corridors, wet meadows, and open, weedy wetland edges. Although less disturbance tolerant than either the bull or green frog, it is widespread and presently secure in Connecticut.

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