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Lead By Example
 Benchmarking Energy Use
 Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program
  The state of Connecticut has created a new standardized Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program for use by state agencies and municipalities, as required by Public Act 11-80.
 Financing Options for Energy Management Projects
 LBE for Municipalities
 LBE for State Agencies
  The Lead by Example offers the following programs to implement energy efficiency program at state agencies: Energy-Savings Performance Contracting, Benchmarking, Bond Funding, Improvements to Building Operations
 Lead By Example
  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protectionís "Lead-By-Example" program (LBE) will reduce energy use in Connecticutís State and local government buildings and operations.
 Past LBE Reports and Documents
  View past legislative reports and presentations prepared on DEEP's Lead By Example program.
 Qualified Energy Services Provider (QESP) Responses
  QESP Responses