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 Commissioner Klee's Testimony Against the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan
  EPA’s Proposal to Repeal the Clean Power Plan Testimony of Robert J. Klee Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection November 29, 2017 Testimony of Commissioner Robert J. Klee against the repeal of the Clean Power Plan delivered in Charleston, West Virginia on November 29, 2017.
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  Answers to many commonly asked questions about the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
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  Public Notices are provided as a convenience to the public. The official legal notice has been published in accordance with the requirements of all applicable laws.
 Risk Assessment of Artificial Turf Fields
  In response to public interest and concern, four state agencies, the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC), The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES), the Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) completed a two-year comprehensive evaluation of the health and environmental impacts associated with artificial turf fields containing crumb rubber infill.
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