CTVA: Office of Advocacy and Assistance

Office of Advocacy and Assistance

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         It is the responsibility of the Office of Advocacy and Assistance to provide assistance to veterans, their eligible spouses and eligible dependents in obtaining veterans benefits under federal, state and local laws.  Connecticut employs authorized Veterans' Service Officers to assist in the following:
  • Collecting and preparing data relating to benefits and services for Veterans, their spouses and eligible dependents.
  • Canvassing nursing homes to determine if veterans and/or spouses are due benefits.
  • Assisting in the establishment, preparation and presentation of claims pursuant to rights, benefits or privileges accruing to veterans.
  • Cooperating with service organizations in disseminating information.
  • Furnishing counsel to veterans concerning educational training, health, medical, rehabilitation, housing facilities and services, and employment services.
  • Representing veterans before the U.S. Department of Veteransí Affairs (VA) concerning claims and benefits.

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