ctsc: Public Hearing on Pretrial Release, Detention, and Diversion

Public Hearing on Pretrial Release, Detention, and Diversion

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The Connecticut Sentencing Commission, held a public hearing on pretrial release, detention, and diversion on November 3, 2016.

The purpose of the hearing was to solicit testimony on the ability of Connecticut’s current pretrial justice system to justly and fairly maximize public safety, appearance in court, and the release of bailable defendants. The hearing also provided an opportunity for the Commission to gather information on how Connecticut's diversion programs operate; their frequency of use and effectiveness; participant characteristics; and agencies’, prosecutors’, defense attorneys’, and the public’s recommendations.

This page contains a record of the proceedings of the November 3rd hearing and includes the public hearing notice, a video of the proceeding, and the written testimony submitted to the Commission.
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November 3, 2016        

11:00 a.m., Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT), Room 1C

{CTN} CT-N Coverage: Connecticut Sentencing Commission November 3rd Public Hearing
(Date Recorded: 11/3/2016) Length: 2 hrs 37 min

Written Testimony:
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