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Victim Notification

Project Description

During the 2015 session, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Public Act 15-84, An Act Concerning Lengthy Sentences for Crimes Committed by a Child or Youth and the Sentencing of a Child or Youth Convicted of Certain Felony Offenses.  Section 10 of the Act mandates that the Commission study how "victims may be notified of the parole eligibility laws and any other release mechanisms governing cases where a person is convicted of one or more crimes and receives a definite sentence or total effective sentence of more than two years for such crime or crimes."  

The Commission  is required to submit a report and recommendations for legislation to the General Assembly no later than February 1, 2016.

The Victim Notification Working Group was formed by the Commission in June 2015 to assist with the study, develop recommendations, and report to the Commission with its findings.

 Documents & Information

 P.A. 15-84

 Report & Recommendations

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