ctsc: Special Committee on Sex Offenders

Special Committee on Sex Offenders

About the Committee

Co-Chairs: Stephen Grant & Robert Farr

The special committee on sex offenders (SCSO) was formed by the Commission in June 2015 to assist with the study, develop recommendations, and report to the Commission with its findings. The committee is composed of individuals with a broad base of personal and professional experience with sex offenders in Connecticut. {SCSOorg}

Background Information

During the 2015 session, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Special Act 15-2, An Act Concerning A Study of the Sexual Offender Registration System.  The act requires the Commission to take a comprehensive look at the registration, management, and sentencing of sexual offenders in Connecticut.  The Commission  is required to submit reports to the General Assembly on February 1, 2016 and December 15, 2017.


Community & Victim Needs

Co-Chairs: Laura Cordes & Sgt. Matthew Garcia

This subcommittee is charged with studying: victim and survivor needs and services and community education; the registration requirements and the registry established under chapter 969 of the general statutes; the information available to the public and law enforcement regarding sexual offenders; and the community impact of existing sex offender residency restrictions and housing opportunities

 Subcommittee Roster

Assessment & Management

Co-Chairs: David Rentler & Gary Roberge

The subcommittee on sex offender assessment and management was created to study and review: the risk assessment and management of sexual offenders, methods to reduce and eliminate recidivism by individuals convicted of a sexual offense, sexual offender management, the housing opportunities and obstacles for sex offender registrants, and
the effectiveness of a tiered classification system based on the risk of re-offense.

 Subcommittee Roster


Co-Chairs: Brian Austin & Thomas Ullmann

This subcommittee is charged with studying the sentencing of sex offenders and
the options for post-sentence appeals concerning the registry status of a sexual offender registrant.

 Subcommittee Roster


 S.A. 15-2

 Committee Roster

 Study Scope (Coming Soon)

 Interim Report

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