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2015 Legislative Session


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Utilizing stakeholders in Connecticut's criminal justice system and operating by consensus, the Commission regularly makes recommendations concerning criminal justice legislation to the Joint  Committee on Judiciary.

Juvenile Sentencing Reform

On September 18th, 2014, the Commission unanimously renewed its recommendation regarding juvenile sentencing reform (as passed by the House in April 2014) and will resubmit the proposal to the General Assembly for consideration at its 2015 session.

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4/22 Update: Senate Amendment to SB 796
On April 22nd, 2015 the Connecticut Senate passed the Commission's juvenile justice bill adding a bi-partisan amendment.

5/26 Update: House Amendment to SB 796
On May 26th, 2015 the Connecticut House of Representatives passed the Senate's version of the juvenile justice bill adding a minor amendment. The bill has been transmitted to the Senate for further consideration.

5/29 Update: Senate Passes SB 796

On May 29, 2015 the Connecticut Senate passed the House's version of the juvenile justice bill bringing both bodies into concurrence. The bill has been transmitted to the Governor for his consideration. 

6/23 Update: Governor Signs PA 15-84

On June 23, 2015 Governor Malloy signed SB 796 (now Public Act 15-84) into law.

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