CTF: Greetings from Karen Foley-Schain

Greetings from Karen Foley-Schain

Dear Friends:


Child abuse and neglect continue to be serious issues in Connecticut and across the country. In your lifetime, some 80,000 children nationwide will perish at the hands of an adult abuser.


This startling reality led the Connecticut legislature to create the Children’s Trust Fund, a state agency with the sole purpose of preventing child abuse and neglect. Through our work in Connecticut communities, we are learning that well-planned programs that help parents bond with their children, become effective caregivers, and take hold of their responsibilities are working.


Of course, addressing child abuse and neglect requires commitment from many quarters - individual parents and caregivers; state, federal and community agencies; health care institutions and child health providers; and more. The Children’s Trust Fund has been fortunate to enjoy overwhelming support not only from the state and federal governments, but from numerous community organizations and private contributors. To all those who support our mission, thank you.


Children’s Trust Fund programs are many and they are diverse, but they all have at least two things in common – a research-based foundation that converts knowledge into effective programming, and a collaborative approach that recognizes the critical role of community in dealing with these complex issues. Through research and collaboration, we are making a difference.


Thank you for visiting our website and for helping us to prevent child abuse and neglect. Please take a tour through the site to learn more about our programming and how, here in Connecticut, the Children’s Trust Fund is nurturing children…..strengthening families……and supporting communities.





Karen Foley-Schain

Executive Director


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