CTCDD: Five Year Plan

 Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities Five-Year Plan

The current five-year work plan for the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities covers fiscal years 2017 through 2021 and is organized around fifteen specific objectives.

1.1 By 2020, the Council will work with members of the 2020 Committee and state agencies and officials to close Southbury Training School and the remaining five regional centers.

1.2 By 2021, 150 families and self-advocates will implement strategies for self-directed services and supports.

1.3 By 2021, the Council will promote supported decision making so that 50 self-advocates have used this process rather than traditional guardianship.

1.4 By 2019, the Council and partners will plan and implement a second Building a Great Life conference for 400 families and self-advocates.

2.1 By 2021, the Council will provide Partners in Policymaking Leadership training to 125 individuals and parents.

2.2 By 2021, the Council will increase participation in the Cross Disability Lifespan Alliance so that 75 self-advocates have participated in policy and advocacy initiatives.

2.3 By 2021, the Council will provide financial support through the Consumer Involvement Fund to 50 self-advocates to support participation in the community of self-advocates and parents at conferences and other leadership opportunities.

2.4 By 2021, the Council will provide support and training to 75 parents who have developmental disabilities to increase their participation in schools and community activities with their children.

2.5 People First will received financial support and technical assistance from the Council to develop and implement a strategic plan and annual work plan for their organization.

3.1 By 2021, the Council will provide access to customized employment opportunities for 50 people with developmental disabilities.

3.2 By 2021, the Council will develop information and training that provides access to two livable communities that include people with disabilities as members of those communities.

3.3 By 2021, the Council will identify post-secondary educational opportunities for 25 individuals with disabilities so they can access post-secondary educational opportunities.

3.4 By 2021, the Council will increase on-demand transportation option so that 75 individuals with disabilities can participate in community events when and where they choose.

3.5 By 2021, the Council will provide training and support to CT KASA (Kids As Self-Advocates) to promote transition of 25 youth into adult health care.

3.6 The Council will change two policies that will increase access to affordable, accessible and available housing for people with disabilities.

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