ctbrownfields: FAQ


What is a brownfield? 

Connecticut law defines a brownfield as “any abandoned or underutilized site where redevelopment, reuse or expansion has not occurred due to the presence or potential presence of pollution in the buildings, soil or groundwater that requires investigation or remediation before or in conjunction with the redevelopment, reuse or expansion of the property.” 


Where are brownfields located?

Connecticut has a vibrant history of industrial innovation; as a result, there are former manufacturing and industrial sites throughout the state. The highest concentration of brownfield sites are in our urban areas – the historic centers of industry and commerce. But there are brownfields in nearly every community in Connecticut.


Why is redevelopment of brownfields important?

Redevelopment of brownfield properties can benefit communities in a variety of ways by removing blight, attracting private investment and new jobs to vacant or abandoned properties, and by remediating environmental contamination. Brownfield development also generally saves money on infrastructure development because brownfields are typically served by existing public infrastructure (including utilities), and don’t require costly road improvements.  Reinvesting in these properties also takes development pressures off of undeveloped land.


Where do I start? (Who do I contact?)

The Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development is a one-stop resource for brownfield redevelopment in Connecticut.  We can help you locate financial assistance and answers to regulatory questions.  Please email OBRD to get more information about our programs or to discuss a specific project opportunity.


What is the Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development’s mission?

The Mission of the Connecticut Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development is to return brownfield sites across the state to productive re-use, including mixed-use, residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and open space uses.  OBRD is a one-stop resource for Connecticut brownfield development. We provide financial and technical assistance to municipalities and economic development agencies as well as brownfield owners and potential developers.

OBRD is in the Solutions Business. Our team will work with you to develop a customized solution to the challenges facing your site. No two brownfield projects are exactly alike, and OBRD has the experience and resources to help solve even the most complex redevelopment challenges.


Who is eligible for assistance from OBRD?

OBRD has the tools and resources to assist nearly every participant in a brownfield redevelopment – owners, developers, financing sources, municipalities, non-profits and end users. However, OBRD cannot provide financial assistance to the party or parties responsible for the environmental contamination.


I own a brownfield, can I get financial assistance for site investigation?

OBRD does provide grants for assessment and site investigation as part of our rounds of grant funding. Please email OBRD to see if your site is eligible to participate in an upcoming funding round.

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