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Liability Relief Programs


Municipal Brownfield Liability Relief Program: A DEEP program designed to provide municipalities with the level of comfort needed to serve the vital role of facilitating redevelopment and cleanup of such brownfield properties.


Brownfield Remediation and Revitalization Program: A program for Bona Fide Prospective Purchasers, Innocent Landowners or Contiguous Property Owners (who are not responsible for the pollution associated with the brownfield property, and are not affiliated with a person or entity responsible for any such release). The program participant must investigate and remediate the property itself, but is not required to investigate and remediate any part of releases that may have migrated off-site.


Abandoned Brownfield Cleanup Program: The ABC Program offers an opportunity for developers who are not responsible for contamination to be afforded liability relief from the responsibility to investigate and remediate off-site contamination provided that the projects meet certain economic development thresholds and remediation is completed under the DEEP voluntary remediation program.


Please visit the DEEP website for information about additional liability relief programs including the Third Party Liability Program, Covenant Not to Sue, Environmental Land Use Restrictions and CERCLIS "Comfort Letter" and Archive Policy.

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