csprange: Light Pollution
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Light Pollution

"Light pollution" has been raised as a concern with this type of facility.  While the actual design of the proposed facility has not occurred, we do know large lighting systems like you would see at an outside sporting event - e.g. stadium lights, which are typically associated with light pollution, would not be necessary for this type of facility.  So, while there are no design plans yet, the following points can be made at this time: 
  • Training at the facility will be during the day when the sun is out, therefore, the vast majority of training would not require lighting.  There is “low-light” training every 3 years, but large lighting systems are not necessary or anticipated during those training sessions.  However, there may be the need to have walkways or sides of buildings lit for staff or security purposes.

  • All light features must comply with state statue (CGS Sec. 4b-16) which is only applicable to state facilities. Light design consultants will need to ensure the proposed facility would be in compliance with this law.

  • We do not anticipate any impacts caused by “light pollution” to the ecosystem or migratory birds; however, we will be coordinating with the CT DEEP Wildlife Division on this issue during the development of the EIE.

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