csprange: Lead
Environmental Information


There have been numerous comments regarding lead, in particular lead associated with bullets in the backstop berms and migration of lead through the soil and groundwater.  While the EIE will cover this topic in greater detail, the following are possible solutions that will be explored in the EIE:
  • Continue lead reclaiming program
  • Account for topography; surface water flow patterns; and depth to groundwater.
  • Control and contain lead bullets and bullet fragments
  • Backstops: sand traps, pH control
  • Sand traps may be located over an impermeable liner to prevent lead (leaching) from contacting soil underlying the trap. This measure provides additional protection to soil and groundwater.
  • Monitoring and adjusting soil pH. 
  • Control runoff
  • Removable berm surface covers or roofed covers
  • Filter beds
  • Engineered backstops
  • Frangible Bullets (lead-free bullets)

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