csec: SEC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

SEC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Isn't this really the United Way campaign?

Although the United Ways in Connecticut are beneficiaries of contributions, the answer is no. The State Employees’ Campaign (SEC) has 8 participating federations - America’s Charities, Community Health Charities of New England, Connecticut United Ways, Earth Share New England, Global Impact,  Independent Charities of America, Neighbor To Nation, and Partners for a Better World.

A SEC committee composed of state employees appointed by state leaders as set out in Conn. Gen. Statutes 5-262 oversees and supervises the campaign. Again, according to the statute, the committee hires a principal combined fundraising organization. The PCFO must be a federation or group of federations participating in the campaign. Since April 1, 2006 the PCFO has been Community Health Charities of New England.  Prior to 2006 the PCFO was the United Way of Connecticut.

Follow this link to the list of Committee Members.

What else does the committee do?

The State Employee Campaign Committee sets policies and budgets for the campaign in accordance with state law and regulations. It approves all charitable agencies that take part in the campaign. It sets the budget for the campaign and closely inspects the audit of the campaign. It encourages state agencies to release employees to help with the campaign, as coordinators or loaned employees. It works with the PCFO to improve the campaign and increase donations. It ensures that the campaign is run according to state law and regulations. It works to ensure that no employee is coerced into contributing to the campaign.

Where do people designate their contribution?

In terms of monies designated, only about 35 percent of total dollars raised in the 2011 campaign go to United Way and their member agencies. The remainder of the money was designated to the eight other federations and their member agencies: America’s Charities (8%); Community Health Charities of New England (12%); Community Works (3%); Earth Share New England (4%); Global Impact (8%); Independent Charities of America (27%); Neighbor to Nation (3%); Partners for a Better World (1%).

Why can’t I designate to charities that are not part of the campaign?

The committee is required by law to include only those charities that are part of federations in the campaign. With nearly 700 charities currently in the campaign, nearly everybody should be able to find at least one charity to contribute to.

Will the campaign give me a receipt for tax purposes?

If your gift is greater than $250, yes. If your gift is less than $250, you should retain your final pay stub for the year, which will list your total contribution from payroll deduction, or make a copy of your pledge card. We understand that the IRS will accept either as proof of your donation.

How do I find tips on donating wisely?

For tips on donating wisely, follow this hyperlink.

Will the contribution I made last year automatically roll over into the current year’s campaign without any action on my part?

No. Any employee who wishes to make a contribution to this year’s campaign must either give a one time gift or sign and complete the dollar amount in the payroll deduction section of the card.

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