The Connecticut State Employees' Campaign (CSEC) is governed by state regulations 5-262. To be eligible for approval to participate in the CSEC, a federation (i.e. America's Charities, EarthShare New England, United Way) and its participating member agencies must meet certain criteria. Some of the criteria include:

  • Be incorporated or authorized to do business in the State of Connecticut as a private non-profit organization and registered with the Department of Consumer Protection;
  • Be engaged in the delivery of charitable and public health, welfare, environmental, conservation or service purposes;
  • Maintain a 501 ( c ) (3) tax exempt status
  • File an IRS form 990, if required by the IRS
  • Not expend more than 25 percent of its annual revenue for administrative and fundraising expenses;
  • Have a stated policy of non-discrimination and be in compliance with all requirements of the law and regulations respecting non-discrimination;
  • Demonstrate a history of service of not less than 12 months prior to the date of application to participate in the CSEC;
  • Disclose to the CSEC if any of its directors, officers or employees are subject to any investigation. (See State Statutes 5-262-3 for complete list of criteria)

The regulations governing the campaign DO NOT allow individual charitable organizations the opportunity to apply for participation in the CSEC. Interested individual non-profit organizations should contact one of the nine federations listed under charitable organizations on the home page of this web site.

A new federation (a charitable organization with 10 member agencies or more) application must be received on or before January 15 annually for consideration in that year's campaign. Applications from federations that participated in the prior year's CSEC campaign must be received by April 15.

Federations may request an application by calling 860-402-8430 or 860-887-5288 or emailing jan.gwudz@ct.gov  All applications are reviewed and approved by the fifteen member CSEC campaign committee.

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