Connecticut Siting Council
Oct 18, 2017

Docket No. 476 (Eco-Site/T-Mobile-Somers) Pre-hearing Teleconference



DOCKET NO. 476 - Eco-Site, Inc. and T-Mobile Northeast, LLC application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a telecommunications facility located at 248 Hall Hill Road, Somers, Connecticut.


The Connecticut Siting Council (Council) will hold a pre-hearing teleconference on procedural matters on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, beginning at 10:00 a.m. All parties and intervenors are requested to participate. The purpose of this pre-hearing conference is to expedite the hearing procedure without sacrificing an informative record necessary for the Council to render a decision.


Call number:     866-917-7557              Passcode:          9148525


At the conference, parties and intervenors will be encouraged to discuss requirements for pre-filed testimony, exhibit lists, administrative notice lists, expected witness lists, and the filing of pre-hearing interrogatories. To save the time and expense of the public, the Council does not allow direct testimony at the public hearing.


Each party and intervenor is requested to provide all other parties and intervenors that participate in the teleconference a list of witnesses and the subjects their pre-filed testimony will address, a list of documents to be administratively noticed, and copies of any available exhibits to be offered at the hearing. The pre-hearing conference will also address the grouping of parties and intervenors and the order of presentations at the hearing.


10 AM

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