CSC: Cell Phone Tower Information

Cell Tower Information

The Council has exclusive jurisdiction to approve new-build towers operating in a cellular system. (For details see C.G.S. 16-50k.)

The Council's jurisdiction with respect to the siting of wireless telephone (cellular) towers is affected by the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act (Telecom Act), which preempts state and local jurisdictions - including this agency - with respect to the finding of need and the effects of radio-frequency (RF) emissions.

To assist the public in its understanding of wireless telephone technology, the preemptive nature of the Telecom Act, and wireless telephone use in general, the Council has prepared this page of hyperlinks to various sources of information about cellular towers.

FCC Fact Sheet #1 (Preemption issues, discrimination of services)

FCC Fact Sheet #2 (facilities, benefits, build out, visual impacts, zoning, RF)

FCC Declaratory Ruling Dated Novemer 18, 2009

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