CSC: DO187A- PDC El Paso/Milford

DO187A- PDC El Paso/Milford

DOCKET NO. 187A-  Milford Power Company, LLC Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Milford Power Project located off of Oronoque Road in Milford, Connecticut. Reopening of this docket pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 4-181a(b) to Modify the Decision and Order in Docket 187 to Allow Milford Power Company, LLC to Suspend its Backup Fuel System Based on Changed Conditions the attachment of conditions to the certificate consistent with the findings and recommendations contained in the Final Report issued by the Kleen Energy Plant Investigation Review Panel and the recommendations of the Thomas Commission.

Service List 09/21/10
Service List, 01/28/11
Service List, 05/22/18

Attachment 1   -   Connecticut & New England Natural Gas and Power Infrastructure Supply Changes 1999-Present      
Attachment 2   -   The Backup Fuel Oil System Decommissioning & Restoration Plan
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