CSC: Docket No. 459 - Glastonbury

Message Center Management, Inc. and New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC (AT&T) application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a telecommunications facility located at Glastonbury Tax Assessor Map E3, Block 0820, Lot E0002, Seven J’s Farm, Candlewood Road, Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Tab 1   -   AT&T's Statement of Radio Frequency Need with Coverage Plots   
Tab 2   -   Summary of Site Search and List of Existing Tower/Cell Sites   
Tab 3   -   Site Evaluation Report, Site Impact Statement, Tree Inventory   
Tab 4   -   Aerial Map, Topographical Map, Drawings, FAA 2-c Survey Certification and TOWAIR Determination Results   
Tab 5   -   Environmental Assessment Statement
Tab 6   -   Wetland Investigation   
Tab 7   -   Power Density Analysis   
Tab 8   -   Visibility Analysis   
Tab 9   -   CT DEEP NDDB Correspondence   
Tab 10 -   State Historic Preservation Office Correspondence  
Tab 11 -   Avian Resource Evaluation
Tab 12 -   Materials Related to Municipal Consultation 
Tab 13 -   Text of Legal Notice Published in The Glastonbury Citizen; Notice to Abutting Landowners; List of Abutting Landowners;
               Certification of Service of Notice 
Tab 14 -   Certification of Service of Application on Federal, State, and Municipal Agencies  
Tab 15 -   Connecticut Siting Council Application Guide

Bulk Filing 

Town of Glastonbury, Plan of Conservation and Development, 2007-2017, effective September 23, 2007
Town of Glastonbury, Building-Zone Regulations, effective October 22, 1973, revised January 30, 2014
Town of Glastonbury, Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Regulations, adopted February 11, 2010, effective March 1, 2010
Town of Glastonbury, Zoning Map
Applicant's Technical Report to the Towns of Glastonbury, Manchester, and East Hartford

Procedural Correspondence

State Agency Comments

Municipal Comments

State Official Comments
Parties and Intervenors

Pre-hearing Questions and Responses

Pre-filed Hearing Testimony and Documents

Motions, Briefs and Findings of Fact

Applicants Letter of Withdrawal,
Council Acknowledgment of Withdrawal,

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Once an application is approved the applicant then must file what is known as a Development & Management (D&M) Plan, which addresses several details including construction, design, etc., for Council approval prior to construction.

The Council often receives public comment letters with regard to a proceeding. These files are open for public viewing in the Council’s office during normal business hours.

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