CSC: Docket No. 458 - Bethel

Docket No. 458 - Bethel

Florida Tower Partners LLC d/b/a North Atlantic Towers Application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance, and operation, of a telecommunications facility at one of two locations at Bethel Tax Assessorís Map 65, Block 57, Lot 122, 62-64 Codfish Hill Road, Bethel, Connecticut.

Exhibit A   -   Connecticut Siting Council Filing Guide      
Exhibit B   -   Certification of Service on Government Officials Including List of Officials Served   
Exhibit C   -   Legal Notices and the Publisher's Certificate of Publication   
Exhibit D   -   Certification of Service to Abutting Property Owners, List of Abutters, Sample Notice Letter, Legal Notice   
Exhibit E   -   Site 1 Plans and Evaluation Report   
Exhibit F   -   Site 2 Plans and Evaluation Report   
Exhibit G   -   Radio Frequency Engineering Report
Exhibit H   -   Site Search Summary, Map of Sites Searched and 4 Mile Tower Map      
Exhibit I-1 -   Visibility Analyses and Balloon Affidavit  
Exhibit I-2 -   Visibility Analyses and Balloon Affidavit   
Exhibit J    -   SHPO Letter and Archaeological Letter   
Exhibit K   -   Power Density Reports   
Exhibit L-1 -   National Environmental Policy Act Report  
Exhibit L-2 -   National Environmental Policy Act Report
Exhibit M   -   Avian Report      
Exhibit N   -   Wetlands Report   
Exhibit O   -   Technical Report Filing Letter, Supplemental Filing Letter and Attachment, and Town Response with Map   
Exhibit P    -   FAA Letters      
Exhibit Q   -   Redacted Leases

Bulk Filing

Procedural Correspondence

Telecommunication Carrier Correspondence

State Agency Comments

Municipal Comments


State Official Comments
Parties and Intervenors

Pre-hearing Questions and Responses

Pre-filed Hearing Testimony and Documents
New Cingular Wireless
Codfish Hill Environmental Trust
Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless

Motions, Briefs and Findings of Fact



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Once an application is approved the applicant then must file what is known as a Development & Management (D&M) Plan, which addresses several details including construction, design, etc., for Council approval prior to construction.

The Council often receives public comment letters with regard to a proceeding. These files are open for public viewing in the Councilís office during normal business hours.

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