CSC: Docket No. 265A - Waterford

Docket No. 265A - Waterford

Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc. Application to Amend and Modify the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the existing independent spent fuel storage installation at Millstone Power Station, Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, Connecticut pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 4-181a(b) for the limited purpose of determining if changed conditions related to the existing independent spent fuel storage installation justify a modification of the Decision and Order.

Attachment 1   -   Certification of Service (Notice to Government Officials) 
Attachment 2   -   Legal Notice   
Attachment 3   -   Abutters List; Certification of Service; Sample Notice Letter   
Attachment 4   -   Waterford Conservation Commission Comment Letter
Attachment 5   -   Waterford Planning & Zoning Comment Letter   
Attachment 6   -   Docket No. 265 Findings of Fact, Opinion, and Decision & Order   
Attachment 7   -   Revised Project Plans   
Attachment 8   -   Revised Drainage Report
Attachment 9   -   Environmental Site Assessment and Wetlands Report   
Attachment 10 -   SHPO Letter   
Attachment 11 -   DEP Letter
Field Review Notice for 12/20/12
Parties & Intervenors
Municipal Comment
State Agency Comment
Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone and Nancy Burton
Pre-hearing Filings
Nancy Burton
Photographs submitted by N. Burton on 01/29/13 
Preliminary FEMA MAP No. 0491 01/17/12  (on file)
Black Point Beach Club Association
Motions/Briefs/Findings of Fact
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Once an application is approved the applicant then must file what is known as a Development & Management (D&M) Plan, which addresses several details including construction, design, etc., for Council approval prior to construction.

The Council often receives public comment letters with regard to a proceeding. These files are open for public viewing in the Councils office during normal business hours.

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