CSC: Docket 370A: CT Valley Electric Transmission Project

Docket 370A: CT Valley Electric Transmission Project

The Connecticut Light and Power Company application for Certificates of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Connecticut Valley Electric Transmission Reliability Projects which consist of (1) The Connecticut portion of the Greater Springfield Reliability Project that traverses the municipalities of Bloomfield, East Granby, and Suffield, or potentially including an alternate portion that traverses the municipalities of Suffield and Enfield, terminating at the North Bloomfield Substation; and (2) the Manchester Substation to Meekville Junction Circuit Separation Project in Manchester, Connecticut.

   Volume 1-Application Narrative             Volume 2.1-Environmental Wetlands  Volume 2.2-Environmental Wetlands  
   Volume 2.3-Environmental Wetlands     Volume 2.4-Environmental Wetlands  Volume 3-Environmental-Cultural  
   Volume 4-Environmental                        Volume 5-Planning                               Volume 6-Engineering
   Volume 7-Substating Drawings              Volume 8-Photographs                         Volume 9-Route Map
   Volume 10-Route Illustration                  Volume 11.1-Route Plans                    Volume 11.2-Route Plans   
   Volume 11.3-Route Plans                        Volume 11.4-Route Plans                    Volume 11.5-Route Plans   
   Volume 11.6-Route Plans   
State Agency Comments
Town Comments
Parties and Intervenors
CL&P Objection to Portions of the Testimony of Richard Legere 11/04/09 Section I / Sec. II / Sec. III
Filings On London Economics International Model Price Data
CEAB RFP Comments Etc.
Pre Filed Testimony
   Testimony 3  
   Testimony 4
CT-CSC/MA-EFSB Joint Hearings
   Link to MA EFSB Website - Docket # EFSB08-2/DPU08-105/08-106
      Exhibits A&B
      Part 2
      Part 3
      Part 4
   WMECO's Pre-Filed Testimony with EFSB:
   Sections of Draft Environmental Impact Report filed with EFSB
      Vol. 1
      Vol. 2.1.2
      Vol. 2.1.3
      Vol. 2.1.4
      Vol. 3.3.1
      Vol. 3.3.2
Briefs/Motions/Parties' and Intervenors' Proposed Findings of Fact
Development and Management Plan
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Once an application is approved the applicant then must file what is known as a Development & Management (D&M) Plan, which addresses several details including construction, design, etc., for Council approval prior to construction.

Copies of the public hearing transcript are available for viewing at the Council office or in the Town/City Clerk office of the municipality in which the hearing was held. If you wish to receive a copy of a transcript, please contact Post Reporting Services, Inc., 2015 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06514, (800) 262-4102.

The Council often receives public comment letters with regard to a proceeding. These files are open for public viewing in the Councilís office during normal business hours.

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