CSC: DO 304 Opinion

DOCKET NO. 304 - The Connecticut Light and Power Company submission of a Statement of Intent to Acquire Property as the site for a possible future CL&P 115-kV substation located within an industrial park between Jacks Hill Road and Christian Street and a transmission line easement adjacent to the existing right-of way for possible future transmission line use located near the Waterbury Oxford Airport, Oxford, Connecticut.








June 28, 2005


The Connecticut Light & Power Company (CL&P) filed a Statement of Intent to Acquire Real Property with the Connecticut Siting Council (Council) on November 10, 2004. CL&P intends to acquire a 15.77-acre parcel of land in Oxford, Connecticut as the potential site of a future 115-kV electric substation. The Council held a public hearing on this proposed land acquisition in Oxford on April 28, 2005.

CL&P projects its customer load in the Oxford area will be exceeded in 2007. The purchase of this property would be the first step in a process to address the need for additional capacity and decrease voltage problems in the area.

The Town of Oxford has expressed support for the proposed land acquisition, citing rapid development and growth in the area. There are no existing homes in the area surrounding the proposed site, which is zoned Industrial.

Under Section 16-50z of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA) in granting or denying a proposed land acquisition, the Council must give consideration to probable hardship for the owner of the property or owners of adjacent properties; the development and potential development on and nearby the property proposed to be acquired; the environmental impacts; public need; convenience of the owner; and the location of the property proposed to be acquired for the purpose of transmission of electric power or fuel within the state.

Having given due consideration to RCSA 16-50-4, and based on the record in this proceeding, the Council hereby grants approval to CL&P for the acquisition of 15.77 acres of property between Jacks Hill Road and Christian Street in Oxford, for the possible application as a future electric substation site.

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