CSC: DO 237 D&O

DOCKET NO. 237 - Tower Ventures II, LLC application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance and operation of a wireless telecommunications facility on one of two sites at 853R New Haven Road, Durham, Connecticut.














December 9, 2003


Decision and Order


Based on the record in this proceeding we find that the cumulative effects associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of the proposed cellular towers at the proposed A-1 and  A-2 sites, including effects on the natural environment, ecological integrity and balance, public welfare, scenic and recreational values, forests and parks, air and water, and wildlife are significant; are in conflict with the policies of the State concerning such effects; are not adequately balanced by the site specific need for the proposed towers; and therefore are sufficient reason to deny the proposed towers without prejudice.   We are not in a position to evaluate proposed Site A-3, pending additional information.


We hereby direct that a copy of the Findings of Fact, Opinion, and Decision and Order be served on each person listed below, and notice of the decision published in The Hartford Courant, The Middletown Press, and the Town Times.


By this Decision and Order, the Council disposes of the legal rights, duties, and privileges of each party named or admitted to the proceeding in accordance with Section 16-50j-17 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.


The parties and intervenors in this proceeding are:


Applicant                                                         Its Representative


            Tower Ventures II, LLC                                                Christopher F. Ciolfi

                                                                                    Senior Vice President, Network Development

                                                                                    374 South Street, Suite 202

                                                                                    Pittsfield, MA  01201


                                                                                    Julie Donaldson Kohler, Esq.

                                                                                    Hurwitz & Sagarin, LLC

                                                                                    147 N. Broad Street, P.O. Box 112

                                                                                    Milford, CT  06460




            AT&T Wireless PCS, LLC                                Christopher B. Fisher, Esq.

            d/b/a AT&T Wireless                                        Cuddy & Feder & Worby

                                                                                    90 Maple Avenue

                                                                        White Plains, NY  10601



Sprint Spectrum L.P.                                         Thomas J. Regan. Esq.

d/b/a/ Sprint PCS                                               Brown Rudnick Berlack Isreals LLP

                                                                        185 Asylum Street, City Place I

                                                                        Hartford, CT  06103-3402




Kenneth Dandelski

Mary Dandelski

23 Dawns Trail

Durham, CT  06422


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