CSC: DO 246 Griswold

DOCKET NO. 246 AT&T Wireless PCS, LLC d/b/a AT&T Wireless application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance and operation of a telecommunications facility at 31 Yurechko Drive, Griswold, Connecticut.









July 22, 2003


On March 7, 2003, AT&T Wireless PCS, LLC d/b/a AT&T Wireless (AT&T) applied to the Connecticut Siting Council (Council) for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need (Certificate) for the construction, maintenance and operation of a wireless telecommunications facility to be located in the Town of Griswold, Connecticut at one of two locations identified as Site A and Site B on property known as 31 Yurechko Drive. The primary purpose of the proposed facility would be to provide wireless telecommunications coverage to the Pachaug area of the Town of Griswold along Route 138 and adjacent areas.

At either of its two prospective sites, AT&T proposed the construction of a 160-foot monopole facility that would be built to accommodate at least five additional wireless carriers.

Site A is located in the west central area of a 70-acre property owned by Philip Yurechko, Sr. The site is on a small plateau amid a stand of mature trees, approximately 560 feet west of a grassed landing strip used by the property owner to operate a small private airplane. Access to the site would be over a gravel drive connecting to other existing gravel drives on the property, part of which is cultivated as a tree farm. Site B is approximately 400 feet to the southwest of Site A in a more heavily wooded area than Site A. Access to Site B would be over the same gravel access drive that would be used for Site A, but extended to reach Site B. There are no wetlands near either site, nor are there any known populations of Federal or State Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern Species at either of the proposed sites. Construction at either site would not affect the state's archaeological heritage. Furthermore, there are no sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places or any National Historic Districts in the vicinity of the proposed sites.

The Yurechko property is located in an R-80 residential zoning district in which wireless telecommunication towers are allowed as Special Exception uses. Both the Griswold First Selectman and Town Planner expressed support for the proposed facility without stating a preference for either of the two potential sites.

Of the two proposed sites, the Council prefers Site A as it would require less disturbance due to the shorter required access drive and fewer trees that would have to be removed. A tower at Site would also be less visible from the nearest adjacent residential properties. A 160-foot tower at this site would be visible from nearby beaches at Hopeville Pond State Park. At 120 feet, the minimum height needed by AT&T to achieve its coverage objectives, a tower would not be visible


visible from the Hopeville Pond State Park. For this reason, the Council will order the tower to be built at the 120-foot height. However, the Council recognizes that the tower may need to be taller in the future to enhance co-location possibilities. A request for a taller tower would be the subject of a petition to the Council.

Electromagnetic radio frequency power density levels are a concern of the Council. However, the radio frequency power density levels at the base of the proposed towers would be well below federal and State standards for the frequencies used by wireless companies. If federal or state standards change, the Council will require that the tower be brought into compliance with such standards. The Council will require that the power densities be remodeled in the event other carriers add antennas to this tower.

We find that the effects associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of a telecommunications facility at proposed Site A, including effects on the natural environment; ecological integrity and balance; public health and safety; scenic, historic, and recreational values; forests and parks; air and water purity; and fish and wildlife are not disproportionate either alone or cumulatively with other effects when compared to need, are not in conflict with policies of the State concerning such effects, and are not sufficient reason to deny this application. Therefore, we will issue a Certificate for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a 120-foot tall telecommunications facility at proposed Site A on the 31 Yurechko Drive property in Griswold, Connecticut. We will also consider a future petition requesting an extension of the tower to a height of no more than 160 feet should co-location requirements make such an extension necessary.

The Council will order the utilities to the site to be installed underground, and that if any antenna ceases to provide wireless service, the Certificate Holder shall dismantle and remove such antenna and its associated equipment within 60 days or reapply for any continued or new use to the Council.

Our decision will be conditioned upon the Certificate Holder submitting a Development and Management Plan for approval by the Council prior to commencement of any construction at the facility site.


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