CSC: Docket 272 EMF Page
Docket 272

General Information Regarding EMF Issues
of the Proposed Middletown to Norwalk
345 kV Transmission Line

This web page was created to provide persons concerned with the Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) issues associated with the Docket 272 proceeding an opportunity to collect and review relevant information in one convenient location.


The Council has taken Administrative Notice in Docket 272 of the items and publications listed below.  However, it should be noted that by taking such Administrative Notice there is no explicit or implicit inference that the Council either does or does not embrace the views or conclusions described in these publications.

Links to Application and Testimony Documents:

Supplemental Testimony of Dr. Bailey re EMF impacts at Jewish facilities in Woodbridge

Supplemental Testimony of Robert Carberry and Kathleen Shanley Re State EMF Policies

Supplemental Testimony of Dr. Bailey Re EMF

Applicant Request to take Administrative Notice of State Agency EMF-Related web sites

Applicant Response to CSC Inquiry re EMF levels

Cover Letter re EMF Levels Along ROW
Chart of Structures Along ROW with 3-6 mG EMF levels

EMF Mitigation Options for Cross Sections 1-8

Links to General Reference Materials:
Administratively Noticed State Health Department Web Sites:
      CT EMF Fact Sheet
      MN EMF FAQs
   New York
      WI EMF Fact Sheet
Applicants' Administratively Noticed Reports:

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