CSC: Petition No. 1328 Pomfret
Petitions Nos. 1321-1330

PETITION NO. 1328 Windham Solar LLC petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 4-176 and 16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of one 1-megawatt (MW) and one .99-MW solar photovoltaic electric generating facilities located at 481 Mashamoquet Road, Pomfret, Connecticut.


               Filing, 9/22/2017



               Council Letter to the Town of Pomfret, 9/28/2017

               Connecticut State Agency Comment Memo, 9/28/2017

               Interrogatories Set One, 10/11/2017

               Response to Interrogatories 10/24/2017

               Field Inspection Review, 10/24/2017

               Set Date for Decision Letter, 11/9/2017

               Interrogatories Set Two, 11/16/2017

               Response to Interrogatories Set Two, 11/29/2017

               Interrogatories Set Three, 12/22/2017

               Response to Interrogatories Set Three, 12/22/2017


               Council Decision and Staff Report, 1/22/2018

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