CSC: Petition No. 1323 Somers
Petitions Nos. 1321-1330

PETITION NO. 1323 Windham Solar LLC petition for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of three 2.0 Megawatt AC and two 1.0 Megawatt AC solar photovoltaic electric generating facilities on an approximate 43 acre parcel located at 134 Bilton Road, Somers, Connecticut.

          Petition Filing, 8/31/2017


Incomplete Letter from the Council to Windham Solar, LLC, 9/6/2017

Extension Request and CSC Approval, 10/4/2017

Date for Decision, 10/26/2017

State Agency Comment Memo, 10/30/2017

Council Letter to the Town of Somers, 10/30/2017

Council Letter to the Town of Enfield, 10/30/2017

Field Inspection Review, 10/30/2017

Interrogatories, 11/14/2017

Response to Set One Interrogatories, 11/27/2017

Interrogatories Set Two, 11/30/3017

Comment Letter from the Drinking water Section of the Department of Public Health, 11/30/2017

Response to Interrogatories Set Two, 12/20/2017


               Council Decision and Staff Report, 1/22/2018


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