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How To Write A Resume

A resume is a summary of your background, interests and accomplishments. A good resume can help you get an interview. Employers often have to look at lots of resumes, so yours will really need to look professional and stand out. Here are some tips...
Sell yourself, with a clear job objective and a list of your career skills. If you can't fit everything, tailor your resume to the job by including only the parts that relate to the job you are applying for.
Unless your disability is relevant to the job (such as a support group leader, disability consultant, or director of a disability organization), don't mention it in your resume.
Neatness counts, so make sure your resume is typed and printed on nice paper. Ask a parent or older person to proofread for mistakes you might have missed.
Include a cover letter, so you have a contact name, as well as the name and address of the business. You don't have to repeat information from your resume, but a cover letter will help an employer see how your skills fit the job.
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This article offers tips on what you should do before and after submitting your resume.
Parenting Tip
Your son or daughter should know the importance of a resume in the job search process. It should tell a story about who they are, and why they should be considered for the position. Here are some resume and cover letter tips that you should make sure your son or daughter keeps in mind:
Your son or daughter doesn't necessarily need lots of experience to be considered for a job. Skills, interests, and involvement in clubs can help get the interview for that first job.
A cover letter can tell an employer what your son or daughter is looking to do, and why he or she should be considered. A few short paragraphs expressing interest in the position and telling about themselves can help keep their resume near the top of the pile.
Make sure your son or daughter keeps his or her resume up-to-date. As he or she gains experience, the resume should be updated accordingly.
Offer to proofread the resume, cover letter, and other initial correspondence for grammar and spelling errors.

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