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Getting To Work

Getting to work on time is important for everyone. Sometimes, though, it can be a challenge. The best thing is to look at all your options and plan ahead. You may have dreamed of having your own car, for example. That can have advantages, but it can also mean a lot of expenses. You'll need insurance, maintenance, gas, and perhaps some modifications so you can operate the vehicle. And, of course, you'll need a driver's license. Public transportation is widely available in Connecticut. But if you're planning on using a bus or train to get to work, you'll have to check the routes in your area. You'll also need to know the schedules and costs. Do some research and talk with your family about your goals. To learn more about the transportation options in Connecticut, go the "Transportation" link on this website.
Parenting Tip
Getting to work on time is important for everyone. There are many things for your son or daughter to think about when it comes to transportation. Here's how you can help:
Will your son or daughter be a driver? Many people with significant disabilities can now drive with the advances in technology and accommodations. It will be important to explore the options for driving, through the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and adult agencies such as the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services.
If you think your son or daughter might use public transportation, it will be important to find out what's available in your area and whether it goes where he or she needs to be. Again, work with the transition IEP Team to make sure that transportation and travel training have been included in the IEP program.
No matter what kind of transportation your son or daughter may use, it's a great idea to do research and set goals as early as possible. Talk with your young adult about their goals and check out the "Transportation" link on this website for more information.

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