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Can I Get Help?

CT School to Work Transition GPS is a partnership of Connecticut State Agencies and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation that aims to help youth and their families search for workforce support and service. CT School to Work Transition GPS is an interactive website that develops a list of agencies that can provide workforce support and services based on age, disability and service need.
Depending on the nature of your disability, you may need some assistance on the job. You might need a piece of technology to help you function at your best. Or, perhaps you'll need a personal assistant. There are many options available to you and many ways you can get the help you need to make your work experience a good one. So, can you get help? Of course.
Parenting Tip
Depending on the nature of your son's or daughter's disability, he or she may benefit from having assistance on the job. There are a number of options available - both with technological and personal assistance. You can play an important role in helping to determine what kind of assistance your son or daughter may need to ensure that they perform at their best in the workplace.

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