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What Can I Do?

Once you've had a chance to think about yourself, it's time to look at what kinds of jobs might be best suited to your abilities and interests. Think of it this way: If you enjoy what you do, you'll enjoy going to work every day. That's just common sense. So how do you find the perfect job? Here are some suggestions ...
Parenting Tip
Young adults' knowledge of careers and jobs is often limited to what their parents or family members do for work. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you explore what's out there. And your help will be invaluable to them. Here's how you can help:
It can be difficult for young adults to get started with this kind of activity and think so far into the future. It may be helpful to set time aside to sit down with your son or daughter and try some of these websites.
Introduce your son or daughter to people you know who do different kinds of work and encourage asking questions. An "Information Interview/Career" questionnaire can be useful in researching different kinds of jobs to learn more about them and how they may fit with your son or daughter.
Young people (and many adults) change their minds about career goals several times before they choose a place to begin. It's a process to match skills and interests with different career fields. Be patient and supportive.

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