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What Do I Want to Do?

The path begins with an idea of what kind of job or workplace you would thrive in. But maybe your dreams are limited by not knowing what is possible. At this stage, it's good to think about whatever you want to do regardless of practicality. There will be time to refine later.
Also, think about what kind of environment you would find appealing. Would you like to work in a busy office or do you prefer being on your own? Do you want a job that involves a lot of contact with others or would you rather be behind the scenes? Do you like to be outdoors? Do you want to work in several different locations?
Learning what you like or don't like starts by knowing what your interests are. There are many interest or career-oriented "tests" you can take to help identify the areas that motivate you. The purpose is to rate and compare your interests so you can plan your next steps.
In taking any test, don't leave your common sense at the door!
  Some tests charge a fee. You will need to evaluate whether the amount you will pay appears justified by the information the test is supposed to give you. If possible, do a little research to learn how accurate this particular test has been.

  If a test points you in a direction that just feels wrong, it isn't the right test for you. A test may challenge some of your assumptions, but it should not tell you that you are a "type" that you know you are not.

  Use tests as a means of exploration and self-discovery. Keep the information that you find useful or thought-provoking. Discard the rest.
Resources to help you decide.
One of the best books to use to assess what you want to do and how to get there is What Color Is Your Parachute? by Dick Bolles. This classic guide is updated every year. The author also has a helpful website for the job search:

Here are some other websites that can direct you to self-assessment tools:
This one is short, but limited.
This site helps evaluate what tests to take and what they can do for you.
Different types of self evaluation tests can be found here. They represent good "starter" tests.
Several more career-related tests can be found here:
This link offers a different way of finding your career niche:

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