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Internal/Secure Site
The CJIS Secure Systems Application Site or  Internal/Secure Site is a single point of access to the major information technology (IT) systems that support the operations of the CJIS Community.
{ } The following System Applications are linked from within this secure site:

The site is restricted to those with authorized access and security permission behind the firewall of the State of Connecticut's IT architecture. Each application currently requires its own individual login permissions as authorized to its users.
Access to the Secure System Site, it does not ensure that you have any permissions for the individual agency applications. As you navigate thru to the individual applications you will be prompted for your USER NAME and PASSWORD. These are provided at the discretion of each agency or organization based on need and the roles and permissions required for your job assignment.

Also see CJIS Security Compliance

How to Login

If you are CJIS community partner and would like to REQUEST ACCESS to the Internal/Secure Site, please contact us:

CJIS Support Group
55 Farmington Avenue, 11th floor
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 622-2000
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