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{CJIS SharePoint Site}
The CJIS SharePoint Site is a centralized information sharing Website for use by Connecticut CJIS Community members. Users can find and share information on documentation and reports related to the CISS project.
How to Login
IMPORTANT: This site is for Connecticut CJIS Community Members ONLY.
The CJIS Information Sharing (IS) Project Site or SharePoint Site is a password protected site with restricted access for those members of the CJIS community involved in the development of information technology (IT) projects.
If you already have a LOGIN:
Click -- LOGIN  [password required]
You will be prompted for your USER NAME and PASSWORD. After you type in your user name and password you will see:
In the pop-up box:
"Connecting to sp-common.cjis-ciss.ct.gov.
In the status bar:
"Waiting for https://sp-common.cjis-ciss.ct.gov/...""

{Collaborative Group}
To REQUEST A LOGINPlease contact us if you are a CJIS community partner at
CJIS Help Desk 
55 Farmington Avenue, 11th floor
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 622-2000
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