cjis: Governing Board Overview

The Connecticut CJIS Governing Board

The Connecticut Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Governing Board, created by Public Act 99-14 in 1999, was directed to primarily engage in activities that constitute the administration of criminal justice. The Criminal Justice Information System Governing Board’s mission is to provide information sharing services to the CJIS Community.

The Governing Board is co-chaired by Office of Policy Management (OPM) Under Secretary Mike Lawlor and Judge Patrick L. Carroll, III, Chief Court Administrator and comprised of the criminal justice agencies; its membership and responsibilities were expanded with Public Act 08-01.

In Sec. 39 (c) of that Act (Public Act 08-01, Sec. 39). The governing board shall be composed of the Chief Court Administrator, [who shall serve as chairperson,] the Commissioner of Public Safety, the Commissioner of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, the Commissioner of Correction, the chairperson of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Chief State's Attorney, the Chief Public Defender, the Chief Information Officer of the Department of Information Technology, the Victim Advocate, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, the chairpersons and ranking members of the joint standing committee of the General Assembly on judiciary and the president of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association. The Chief Court Administrator and a person appointed by the Governor from among the membership shall serve as cochairpersons. Each member of the governing board may appoint a designee who shall have the same powers as such member.

Members of the CJIS Governing Board establish direction and policy on justice information supportive of law enforcement and court functions involving apprehension, adjudication, incarceration, and supervision. The Governing Board meets on a quarterly basis to review progress of CISS, set the necessary operating policies, and resolve issues. It has the authority to establish committees and has designated a CJIS Implementation Group composed of agency designees to facilitate the inter-agency coordination of CJIS projects, with the focus on CISS, review and direct the criminal justice information system consulting firms, and resolve functional and operational issues.


CJIS Governing Board Members

Office of Policy and Management

Mike Lawlor, Under Secretary; Governor’s Appointee and Co-Chair, (Designee) 

Benjamin Barnes, Secretary; Member

Office of the Chief Court Administrator

Judge Patrick L. Carroll, III, Chief Court Administrator, Co-Chair, Member 

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, Deputy Chief Court Administrator; (Designee)

Department of Administrative Services / Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology

Melody Currey, Commissioner; Member 

Mark Raymond, Chief Information Officer; (Designee)  

Board of Pardons and Paroles

Carleton Giles, Chairperson; Member 

Richard Sparaco; Executive Director; (Designee)

Office of the Chief State's Attorney

Kevin Kane, Esq., Chief State’s Attorney; Member 

John Russotto, Esq., Deputy Chief State’s Attorney; (Designee)

Connecticut Police Chiefs Association
Chief James Cetran, President; Member

Chief Marc Montminy, Director; (Designee)

Department of Correction

Scott Semple, Commissioner; Member 

Cheryl Cepelak, Deputy Commissioner; (Designee)

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Dr. Dora Schriro, Commissioner; Member

Brian Clonan, Chief Information Technology Officer; (Designee)

Department of Motor Vehicles

Michael Bzdyra, Commissioner; Member

George White, Division Chief; (Designee)

Cindy Zuerblis, Division Manager; (Designee)

Division of Public Defender Services

Christine Perra Rapillo, Esq., Chief Public Defender; Member

John Day, Esq., Deputy Chief Public Defender; (Designee)

Office of Victim Advocate

Natasha Pierre, Esq.,Victim Advocate; Member

Hakima Bey-Coon, Esq., Staff Attorney; (Designee)


Chairpersons and Ranking Members of the Joint Standing Committee of the General Assembly on Judiciary

CJIS Committee Chairs

Paul R. Doyle, Senator, Co-Chair, Member

William Tong, Representative, Co-Chair, Member

John A. Kissel, Senator, Co-Chair, Member

Rosa C. Rebimbas, Representative, Ranking Member

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