cjis: Governing Board Overview

The Connecticut CJIS Governing Board

The Connecticut Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Governing Board, created by Public Act 99-14 in 1999, was directed to primarily engage in activities that constitute the administration of criminal justice.

In the early years, the CJIS Governing Board supervised the operations and administration of the newly formed Offender-Based Tracking System (OBTS) and the Connecticut Impaired Driver Records Information System (CIDRIS), established committees and appoint committee members, and recommended legislation necessary for implementation, operation, and maintenance of the OBTS. The Board established and implemented policies and procedures to meet the system-wide objectives, including the provision of appropriate controls for data access and security.

Prior to 1992, CJIS agency participants cooperated on an agency-to-agency basis. In 1992 the Office of Policy and Management through its Justice Planning Unit with the support of the office of the Chief Court Administrator, formed an ad hoc Policy structure. This became a model for the Governing Board and an Implementation Group. Public Act 99-14, an Act Creating a Criminal Justice Information System Governing Board, now provides a statutory basis for the CJIS Governing Board. Public Act 00-20, An Act Concerning the Criminal Justice Information System, added the Office of the Victim Advocate to the CJIS Governing Board and identified OBTS data to which the Division of Public Defender Services has access.

One of the provisions of Public Act 08-01 was to expand the mandate of the CJIS Governing Board. The CJIS Governing Board was charged with designing and implementing a comprehensive statewide information sharing system.

Additionally, P.A. 08-01 expanded the membership of the governing board and added provisions for an executive director and staff to fulfill the requirements of the statutory mandates.

The Governing Board meets at least quarterly to review progress of CISS, set the necessary operating policies, and resolve issues. It has the authority to establish committees and has designated a CJIS Implementation Group composed of agency designees to facilitate the inter-agency coordination of CJIS projects, with the focus on CISS, review and direct the criminal justice information system consulting firms, and resolve functional and operational issues.

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