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CJIS Roadmap

The CJIS Roadmap is our monthly newsletter with the latest information on current initiatives, news, and what’s coming up.

Dateline Justice Newsletters

"Dateline: Justice" is a newsletter about Connecticut’s CJIS Governing Board initiatives. The first issue was published in the fall of 2002 and highlighted the Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS). Today the newsletter includes updates about OBTS, as well as the CISS and CIDRIS project under development.

Blueprint News Bulletins and Deliverables

The CJIS Blueprint Project was an initiative to assess the current business and technological capabilities of our CJIS partners; to identify their future needs, to develop a blueprint or plan of action to achieve results; and to identify the gaps between where we are and where we want to be. This gap analysis was the basis for developing system requirements for the new CJIS Information Sharing System CISS Project.

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