cjis: CRMVS

Criminal Motor Vehicle System (CRMVS)

{Judicial Branch}

Program Description

The Criminal Motor Vehicle System (CRMVS) is a statewide Judicial Branch Criminal and Motor Vehicle Court Case Management application and serves as an integrated data source system for multiple agency systems.

All the CJIS Governing Board Applications, several CJIS Community Applications and certain agencies as follows currently depend on CRMVS for data and infrastructure needs:

CRMVS statistics see http://www.jud.ct.gov/statistics/criminal/default.htm  

For administrative or general information, please contact Larry D'Orsi at (860) 263-2734 or Lawrence.Dorsi@jud.ct.gov

For technical issues or ideas on enhancements, please contact James Vogel at (860) 282-6455 or James.Vogel@jud.ct.gov.

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