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Criminal Motor Vehicle System (CRMVS) {Judicial Branch}

Program Description

The Criminal Motor Vehicle System (CRMVS) is a statewide Judicial Branch Criminal and Motor Vehicle Court Case Management application and serves as an integrated data source system for multiple agency systems. CRMVS contains criminal arrest, continuance and disposition data that has been entered into the system from the Uniform Arrest Reports (UARs). Certain fields are required to be entered into the data input screens (defendant, arrest or charge). A section of the CRMVS Manual for entry of UAR data shows the various fields entered into CRMVS. Not all information contained on the UARs is entered into CRMVS and only information available can be entered. 

CRMVS is over 25 years old and considered a legacy application. It is written in COBOL and runs on an Alpha mid-range computer.  The system is currently supported by an experienced staff of four developers. Their specific legacy technology skills and extensive application knowledge will be difficult to replace.

All the CJIS Governing Board Applications, several CJIS Comminuty Applications and certain agencies as follows currently depend on CRMVS for data and infrastructure needs:

Although not part of CJIS, Judicial also sells CRMVS data to consumer reporting agencies. 
CRMVS is responsible for a large share of all CJIS events sent to OBTS daily:

   57% of all defined event types originate in CRMVS
   88% of average daily transaction count comes directly from CRMVS

Future initiatives underway that may be dependent on CRMVS data and infrastructure include the SAVIN (Victim notification) project and Online Booking.
  • See  CRMVS Chart or [JPG] CRMVS Chart


    Project Contacts

    For administrative or general information please contact Larry D'Orsi at (860) 263-2734 or larry.dorsi@jud.ct.gov

    For technical issues or ideas on enhancements please contact Terry Walker at (860) 282-6404 or terry.walker@jud.ct.gov



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