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Communications Teleprocessing (COLLECT)

Program Description

The Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communications Teleprocessing (COLLECT) System is utilized throughout Connecticut to access valuable online State and Federal law enforcement resources. 

The COLLECT system is the statewide criminal justice system that is dedicated to the law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in the State of Connecticut. Access to COLLECT is granted only to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. The COLLECT system services over 180 local, state and federal agencies.   {Police New Haven}

There are over 15,000 certified COLLECT system users within the law enforcement /criminal justice community.  The COLLECT system provides access to in- state COLLECT files and access to two national systems: National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network (NLETS). 

NCIC stores criminal justice data for the entire country and Canada; NLETS provides the communications lines to individual states and Canada.  Using NLETS, users can obtain motor vehicle data and criminal history data from states across the country and Canada. Nlets also allows states to send text messages to one or more states at a time or to send a nationwide broadcast.

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COLLECT also provides its users with access to other state systems and files such as:

  • Department of  Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Sex Offender Registry (SOR)
  • Protective Order Registry (POR)
  • Department Of Corrections (DOC)
  • State Police Criminal History (CCH) Weapons
  • Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS)
  • Paperless Re-Arrest Warrant Network(PRAWN), and more.


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The Connecticut State Police, in partnership with the Department of Information Technology and the Office of Policy and Management, are pleased to introduce the COLLECT Revision Project. 

COLLECT, which has been in production for more than 20 years, is deployed in hundreds of locations with approximately 15,000 users throughout the State and has been instrumental in identifying and researching hundreds of thousands of persons and property items of interest to law enforcement.  COLLECT has proven to be a critical resource in the war against terrorism, providing Connecticut law enforcement agencies access to the latest information on terrorist groups, individuals, and activities through FBI files, alerts, and homeland security bulletins.  The value of the information provided through COLLECT is difficult to quantify, but officers agree that the system acts as the cornerstone for officer safety.

The COLLECT system is truly a success story in the history of Connecticut law enforcement technology.   However rapidly advancing technology and new NCIC2000 features have shown that the current system has aged and lacks many of the functional and technical benefits that new technologies provide.  The COLLECT Revision Project is addressing this issue by completely re-writing COLLECT to better serve the law enforcement community and the citizens of Connecticut.  The COLLECT Revision Project aims to achieve the following high-level objectives:

Integrate available law-enforcement resources to support operational objectives and the highest levels of officer safety.

  • Create an effective and efficient user interface to improve ease of use, facilitate training, and minimize the need for help desk intervention.
  • Provide a scalable, maintainable architecture to facilitate future growth and integration of additional resources and technologies to support future law enforcement operational and business requirements.
  • Establish standard interfaces for authorized agencies and vendors to access COLLECT data for use in desktop or mobile environments, eliminating the reliance upon screen scraping techniques.
  • Provide effective and efficient system administrative tools to support the system and the large user base.
  • Revise and streamline the COLLECT training curriculum, training materials, and administration of the certification process.
The new COLLECT system will be a browser-based application accessed via the new CJIS portal currently in development.  It will look and feel much like other popular web-based applications with drop down menus and screen edits to assist the user in the proper use of the system.  It will also provide users with the ability to access all of the current information resources, with several planned additions (in italics):

    National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

    o       All NCIC2000 functionality

    o       Images such as custom vehicles, mug shots, signatures, fingerprints, scars,  

             marks, and tattoos

    o       Static images for vehicle make and model

    o       Fingerprint scanning and searching

    o       Online validations

    o       National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

    ·        National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS)

    o       All current NLETS functionality

    o       XML rap sheet

    o       LoJack

    ·        Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

    o       Vehicle registrations and history

    o       Operator information and history

    o       Commercial vehicle information

    o       Handicap information

    o       Emissions information

    ·        Department of Corrections (DOC)

    o       Offender Incarceration Information

    ·        State Police

    o       State Police Bureau of Identification (SPBI)

    o       Sex Offender Registry (all records)

    o       Special Licensing and Weapons Registration System

    ·        Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

    o       Boater certifications

    o       Hunting/fishing licenses

    ·        Judicial

    o       Paperless Re-Arrest Warrants Network (PRAWN)

    o       Protective Order Registry

    ·        Office of Policy and Management

    o       Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS)

Project Documents
  • Survey and JAD Session Report - February 2002

The Survey and JAD Session Report documents user requirements identified through the many JAD sessions and survey efforts.  The document supports the development of the RFP and the detailed design of the new COLLECT system.¯

Project Contacts

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Darryl Hayes, CSO

Connecticut State Police/Department of Information Technology

phone: (860) 685-8020

e-mail: darryl.hayes@ct.gov

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