cjis: CIDRIS Project Status

CT Impaired Driver Records Information System (CIDRIS)
In 2004, the State of Connecticut appointed the CJIS Governing Board to develop, implement, and host the Connecticut Impaired Driver Records Information System (CIDRIS). CIDRIS provides automation and electronic exchange of Operating Under the Influence (OUI) arrest data and documents between the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), and the Superior Court Operations Division (SCO) (Judicial). In 2008, CIDRIS began its implementation to DESPP troop barracks.
CIDRIS includes the electronic roadside data capture of traffic summonses, as well as the retrieval of judicial, criminal offender, and DMV information. The first automated exchange system in Connecticut, CIDRIS delivers more timely and accurate driver, vehicle, and enforcement - adjudication information. It also offers a records management and tracking system that enables DESPP, licensing, and criminal justice agencies to better adjudicate and impose sanctions against drunk drivers. With CIDRIS, authorized users can get information on OUI traffic stops and arrests at the time of arrest. Before CIDRIS, arrest or citation data was unavailable until days after the initial recording of the event when it showed up in court records.



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